Our Panel Of Pilates Certified Instructors and Physiotherapists  

Pilatique Pilates & Physiotherapy Studio (Malaysia)
1. Melissa Wong (Founder & STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer)
2. Nanthini Palan
3. Shifaq Ridzuan
4. Manjari Vanehuiathan
5. Yvonne Liew
6. Crystal Lien
7. Jason Ngo
8. Mary Leou
9. Loshini Manickavasagam
10. Yap Jun Xian
11. Maalini Devi
12. Cynthia Nair
13. Elaine Tan

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Pilatique Pilates Studio (Singapore)
1. Melissa Wong (Founder & STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer)
2. Raj Dasaratha
2. Wilda Kua
3. Ashley Wang
4. Tracy Tong
5. Chermaine Hoo
6. Yann Huoy


Melissa Wong (STOTT PILATES™ Instructor Trainer in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrel, Injury and Speciall Population & Group SPX)


Melissa Wong, STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer, is the co-founder of Pilatique Pilates Studio and has always been a fitness enthusiast. She started her career in the fitness arena in 2000 as a part-time fitness instructor teaching in various gyms. She transitioned into a full-time fitness career after graduating from university with a Bachelor of Business Studies.

Mel, as she is better known, is very passionate in dance and this very passion has led her to many endeavours. In 2003, having discovered that Pilates complemented her dance performances, Mel’s passion for Pilates started to grow as she sees how it can help to strengthen her and other individuals as well. She then attended a basic training program held by one of Kuala Lumpur’s pioneer Pilates studio and started teaching Mat Pilates soon thereafter.

An opportunity arose in 2004 and Mel underwent STOTT PILATES™ Mat and Reformer training, and continued her journey as a certified STOTT PILATES™ Trainer until today, and will be forever, as she foresees.

Mel co-founded Pilatique Pilates Studio in 2005 with her husband, Steven. She continued and progressively attended the full series of STOTT PILATES™ courses both in Malaysia and Canada. She achieved STOTT PILATES™ Full Certification Instructor in 2008 and moved on to be a STOTT PILATES™ Instructor Trainer in that same year.

Besides Pilates, Mel is also the first Head Teacher for Les Mill’s dance program, BodyJam, for Fitness First Malaysia. Fitness first is the world’s largest privately owned health club group. Mel was appointed a presenter for the Les Mills Quarterly Workshops.

Since 2006, Mel has had the honour to work with Nike as a chosen Master Trainer for Nike Rockstar Workout, which has given her the opportunity to represent Team Malaysia in Singapore and Japan. In 2007, Mel again trained instructors for the Nike Rockstar Workout program in Thailand. In 2009 and 2010, Mel has been selected to present in STOTT PILATES workshops for Asia Fitness Convention in Bangkok, Thailand.

Pilatique Pilates Studio proudly became a STOTT PILATES™ Licensed Training Center in 2008. Mel will continuously be upgrading her personal knowledge and development to train and groom more Certified STOTT PILATES™ Trainers that are seriously lacking in the local industry and also worldwide. She has, and will always be dedicated and committed to Pilates by giving the best of her to Pilatique’s students, clients and beyond.

She is known for breaking down content well and making it easy to understand and to apply in teaching.

With all her skills and  passion for teaching, she has helped many instructors in becoming successful instructors.

Melissa has also been appointed as a Member of Talent Advisory Panel of The People’s Association of Singapore, where she supports in bringing up the standard of Pilates instructors in the communities.

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Nanthini Palan (STOTT PILATES™ Certified Rehab Instructor Trainer & Physiotherapist, BSc(HONs) Physiotherapy Sciences (Northumbria, UK))


As an active teenager, Nanthini suppose that it was inevitable that sports would be a joy and a major part of her life. A passion for sports and human biology forged her career as a physiotherapist. Her passion for sports performance grew as the knowledge base developed in 2009 that is when she began combining the science of physiotherapy and athletic training with physical conditioning and sports specific training.

She has seen many people who is sedentary or active and especially athletes facing injuries at certain point of their life due to poor ergonomics and work hazards. Being active herself,she have also experienced similar feelings with her clients on how horrible it feels like to unable to move your body as you desire when you held with an injury. That is when she felt life is all about movement.

In the journey of searching and developing for something that can complement the existing knowledge and skills that she has as a physiotherapist destined Nanthini's career path venturing into Pilates. This allows her to be able to help others overcome injury and get back to their optimal movement.

After doing Intensive Matwork Plus (IMP) and Intensive Reformer (IR) course in Pilates, it has enhanced her knowledge and skills of rehabilitation. It changed her taught that exercise is more than just physical rather its a connection between mind and body awareness which creates a proper balance throughout the body. In Pilates, she has learned that the clients are motivated through compassion, knowledge and education on their own body mechanics. These enables them to move safer in more efficient pattern of motion invaluable for injury recovery, sports performance, good posture and optimal health.

She always believed that every individual has the potential to improve. These improvement can be achieved through the integration between physiotherapy and Pilates which complements each other in providing a client centered approach through the process of active rehabilitation. She feels fortunate to play a key role in helping people regain functional independence to the greatest extend possible. The satisfaction and joy that clients derive from achieving their mobility and fitness goals are priceless to her. She is inspired by the perseverance and determination of her clients and that is what keeps her going everyday.

Day after day, she continues to get amazed with what she can do with the newly possessed knowledge and skills through Pilates. She is looking forward to qualify  as a fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor to be able to inspire the people who believes in her.

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Shifaq Ridzuan (STOTT PILATES™ Rehab Instructor & Physiotherapist, BSc(HONs) Physiotherapy Sciences (Anglia Ruskin, UK))


Shifaq is a certified physiotherapist who completed her UK Anglia Ruskin Honours Degree of Physiotherapy. After completing her Diploma and Degree in Physiotherapy school, she spent hundreds of clinical hours in various hospitals and physiotherapy centres.

But all work and no play make Jack a dull boy! She likes trying out new experiences from foods to physical activities, and enjoys healthy lifestyle. She keeps herself active by joining physical activities such as taking up aikido class during her studies, and making fitness workout a routine.

She has always been interested with musculoskeletal related conditions such as general muscle weaknesses and joint problems. Besides that, she also enjoys treating movement difficulties related with neurological condition such as balance and coordination problem. Upon graduating, she has been searching highs and lows for the best physiotherapy areas that suit her best. She spent her clinical semesters in different hospitals, centres, and nursing homes. After graduating, she took the opportunity to become a freelance physiotherapist by doing horse-therapy for children with special needs. Not so long after, she discovered pilates and fell in love instantly as pilates and physiotherapy are two different areas, which allows her to treat her clients' issues that needs physical-therapy attention while being active with her clients at once.

Up to date, Shifaq is certified on STOTT Pilates Level 1, STOTT Pilates Rehab, and in Kinesio Taping (KT1&KT2). To name a few, she has been treating clients with diastasis recti, scoliosis, joint pain and postural deformity with the application of both physiotherapy and pilates understanding into practice.

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Manjari Vanehuiathan (STOTT PILATES™ Rehab Instructor & Physiotherapist, BSc(HONs) Physiotherapy Sciences


Manjari, a qualified physiotherapist and health enthusiast, obtained her Honors Degree in Physiotherapy in 2017. Her inclination towards sports and fitness since high school; a taekwondo practitioner as well as a long distance runner, has steered her to choosing physiotherapy to expand her passion. As she was embarking on a journey of developing her present skills and knowledge as a fresh graduate, Manjari found her calling in pilates with Pilatique. She decided to 'strike the hot iron' hoping to guide others in realising their fitness related goals as well as overcoming musculoskeletal injuries with restoring optimal movement. As Manjari completed her Level 1 certification of Intensive Mat-Plus, Intensive Reformer and Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Ladder Barrel, she was able to fully embrace the notion of the importance of having a connection between mind and body during exercises to create proper balance and control throughout the body.

After practicing Pilates more than a year, Manjari decided to hone her skills further by completing the Rehab Matwork & Reformer certification, as rehabilitation is her ultimate passion. She understands that Rehab Pilates exercises provides the effective bridge between the worlds of therapeutic exercises and fitness conditioning. She have learned hundreds of exercises and modifications which is used throughout the rehabilitation process, from the acute stages to functional integration, ongoing maintenance and performance enhancement. Pilates has become her nature and the simplest way of life for Manjari, and she believes that everybody should reap the benefits out of it thus making it her aim to guide each of her clients towards the path of recovery and wholesome living.

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Yvonne Liew (STOTT PILATES™ Fully Trained Instructor & Physiotherapist, BSc(HONs) Physiotherapy Sciences


Yvonne, has been passionately and actively involved in fitness for over 10 years. She started her fitness journey by practicing pilates mat workout and quickly realized that it was the perfect workout regime to helped with her lower back pain, helped improve her posture, and the overall strength and flexibility of her body. She loves how
Pilates has challenged her body and mind with new and creative movements.

Yvonne received her Pilates mat and reformer certifications from Pilatique Pilates; Physiotherapy Studio in 2017. She is excited to work at Pilatique to share her love of Pilates and looks forward to meeting each client where they are, creating a program that will guide them towards a sense of simultaneous ease, strength, length, and awareness within the body-mind.

Yvonne attended INTI International University, receiving her Bachelor in Physiotherapy (First Class Honor), done a research on physical activities and osteoarthritis knees as her final year thesis. She integrates her Physical Therapy
knowledge and Pilates skills to help all ages create healthy and strong bodies. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, drawing and eating good food. She loves her morning coffee, going for hikes, swimming and doing HIIT workout.

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Jason Ngo (STOTT PILATES™ Rehab Instructor & Physiotherapist, BSc(HONs) Physiotherapy Sciences (Northumbria, UK))


Jason is a qualified Physiotherapist graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). In his journey to provide the best rehabilitation services he could, he met up with Pilates exercise. Knowing the importance of active rehabilitation, he took up the courses and completed the Level 1 SCOTT PILATES Certification. Combining both fitness and rehabilitation knowledge, the variation of treatments and exercises are unlimited, which helps him to fulfils everyones needs and goals effectively.

He believes that continuous education and constant upgrading himself is one of the way to keep him in touch with the current demand and updates on the current knowledge he has. With that he has took up several courses such as DRY NEEDLING, KINESIO TAPING, SPINAL MANIPULATION and so on, to ensure that the services he provide is on par with the current demands.

Being able to motivate and share his knowledge readily whenever needed, helps to encourage everyone around him to get better both physically and mentally too.

"As Long As We Don't Give Up, There'll Always Be A Way For Better Progression and Improvement". JASON NGO

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Yap Jun Xian (STOTT PILATES™ Certified Instructor & Physiotherapist, BSc(HONs) Physiotherapy Sciences (Northumbria, UK))


Yap, is a qualified physiotherapist who completed his UK Northumbria Honors Degree in Physiotherapy Sciences. He grew up with poor cardiorespiratory condition and overweight. Being in a sedentary lifestyle and facing high risk of various chronic diseases, he found his determination in year 2012 to start his fitness journey. Since then, he loses his inches from 36' to 32', a fitness enthusiast who then obtained his American Council of Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certificate in year 2012. He graduated being a certified personal trainer, qualified medical professional and a man ready to serve.

Pondering over his options to serve in conventional hospitals or private physiotherapy setting, he discovered the existence of Pilates and the role of Pilates in rehabilitation setting. His interest grown further after he researched and read about the Pilates approach founded by Joe Pilates. He was then granted a 30 days observation as trainee under Pilatique Pilates Studio to observe and understand Pilates. After approximate 200 hours of learning, he fell in love with the principles of how Pilates helps in restoring and maximizing health, fitness and rehabilitation. In particular, the detailed concentric and eccentric muscle control, proper breathing techniques, neuro-motor control, muscle balancing and reeducation. This shines the path for him to cooperate with Pilatique's Physiotherapy team to deliver the best of both. He aims to blend the essence of Pilates and raise the bar of rehabilitation practice.

Yap, has been growing with us and gone through the STOTT PILATES Mat and Reformer Level 1 Certificate Course. Since then he's been utilizing his expertise in providing the combined approach of Pilates and Physiotherapy in the rehabilitation and training of his client. He recognize the importance of passive and active way of being to achieve health and fitness. Often, you will find him applying hands-on manual techniques, taping support as passive approach and follow on with tailored Pilates exercise to strengthen, awaken the inhibited muscles. Being a nemesis of pain and sickness, he focus on creating postural awareness, solving muscle imbalances, and pain reduction. He aims to develop himself as a Rehab Specialist through STOTT PILATES Rehab Specialty Track and upholds the standard of Rehab Services.

Off duty, he enjoys brews of coffee around local cafes, having a nice break with friends and families achieving work life balance. Putting his daily workout routine aside, Yap loves reading materials revolving around self development, business and investment. He shares the vision of a healthy society without discrimination and poverty.

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  Maalini Devi (STOTT PILATES™ Certified Instructor & Physiotherapist)  

Coming from a physiotherapy background Maalini Devi has discovered pilates as a stepping stone for venturing into the fitness and lifestyle industry. Pilates became an eye opener for her as she discovered it from a career talk conducted by Pilatique Studio Kuala Lumpur. She has also learned how the body is able to move beautifully as well as every individual body has a different story to tell.

She has embarked in a journey of creative learning and making best use of her physiotherapy qualification as well to serve clients to their best benefit. She is also aware of the need to make healthy lifestyle changes and her goal is to use her pilates knowledge all over the world.

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Elaine Tan (STOTT PILATES™ Certified Instructor & Msc. Sports Science)


A taekwondo coach and avid practitioner of the martial arts and former short-distance sprinter, holding a Masters in Sports Sciences, Elaine has made it a life-long passion to consistently improve athletic performance for herself and for her students to perform their best. Owing to her athletic lifestyle and rigorous training she underwent, she suffered torn ligaments and underwent two ankle surgeries and unfortunately, had to give up all forms of strenuous exercise. In seeking a method that would rehabilitate her ankle in a safe and gentle way, she discovered Pilates.

After thoroughly researching Pilates, she was convinced on how Pilates would be able to rehabilitate effectively, promote fitness and health and enhance athletic performance. Moreover, the adaptability of Pilates and its clever use of props and custom Pilates equipment allowed her to exercise and strengthen her ankle joints in a pain-free and low-impact manner to its successful rehabilitation. Now, Pilates has become her second nature and a way of life for Elaine, and she believes that everyone should know and be given the opportunity to enhance their lives with the principles of STOTT PILATES not only for doing Pilates, but in every aspect of life!

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